BOX 341


The California Nebula

Tak160 at f3.3 on a C14-PPf400-30 min. exp.

61.25 kb Om1-Guided by and ST7

The HorseHead Nebula in the Orion complex

Tak160 At f3.3 on a C14-PPF400 30 Min. Exp.

51.68 kb Om1 guided by an ST7

M42-The Great Nebula in Orion

Tak160 at f3.3-20 minute exposure

19.13 kb Om1-PPF 400-Unhypered

M31-The Andromeda Galaxy

30 minute image using PPF 400

47.20 kb Canon 400mm 2.8

Dark Nebula B72-Click to open.

I like to call this "The Horseman."

120.95 kb 400mm Canon f2.8-40 min. Exposure PPF 400


We sure miss this wonderful visitor

43.14 kb Minolta f3.5 75-205 Telephoto at 205-5 minute exposure piggybacked on LX200 12"

Reflection Nebula IC1318

Note the unnamed asteroid in the upper central portion. An image one hour later of the same area showed the Asteroid again.

161.68 kb This image was taken with a Nikon 180mm f2.8 mounted on an LX200 12"

Reflection Nebula-IC 1805

40 minute image using PPF 400

112.75 kb 400 mm Canon f2.8

Nebula-IC 410

50 minute image using PPF 400

80.74 kb Canon 400mm 2.8

M17 & M16 In the Sagittarius Star Cloud

This is a very wide field view of the area.

96.80 kb 180mm f2.8 Nikon PPF400 25 minute Exposure mounted on an LX 200 12"-Great fun to image with this lens

M42 The Great Nebula in Orion-Click to open. Gallery under construction.

Considered by many to be the most beautiful Nebula in the sky.

35.06 kb 400MM CANON F2.8


The great nebula in Orion is a star factory. This image with a C14 at f7 shows very little blue response.

17.99 kb Om1 using PPF 400-C14 at f7-15 minute exposure


Cluster with nebulosity

49.91 kb Canon 400 f2.8 PPF 400 20 minute exposure

The Veil Nebula Complex

The fine filaments are difficult to image with the 400mm Canon

125.36 kb 400mm f2.8 Canon on a C14

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