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NGC 5953 is a seemingly interactive but very distant pair of Slightly irregular galaxies

These galaxies are close to photographic magnitude and have been enlarged to make them more visual. These very small galaxies are great fun to image but difficult to get proper color images of.

12.28 kb This LRGB image was taken using an ST7 on a C14 at f4 and post processed and enlarged in photoshop.

NGC 6888-The Crescent Nebula is thought to be a super Nova remnant that is still expanding.

This object is quite large for a C14 at f3.3 and is very dim. I can be seen telescopically on a very clear night.

47.80 kb This LRGB image was taken using an ST7 on a C14 at f4 and post processed in photoshop.

NGC 6210

Extremely small but very bright blue nebula. Imaged cropped and enlarged 4x's

28.00 kb ST7-LRGB Image-Optec Maxfield Filter System

M63 (ngc 5055) The Sunflower Galaxy

This Galaxy is in Canes Venatici-An early image in the dawn of ccd

12.10 kb Meade 416


This image was taken through a Dark Blue (37a) filter. Note that the detail is not as evident in the black and white image

12.43 kb ST7 on a C14


This is a reversal of the above image done in CCDSoft. Note how the detail is more evident in the reversal and you can see that this is a prominance not a depression as traditional theory suggests.

15.85 kb ST7 on a C14

M33-The Pinwheel Galaxy (second image)

This image was exactly twice as long as the other example of m33. It was interesting to note that the colors came out lighter with the longer exposure. This was also done with the Optec Filter bar and processed in CCDsoft and Photoshop.

79.33 kb ST7 at -15.

Bubble Nebula

Single exposure colorized in PhotoShop

63.72 kb ST7

The Cocoon Nebula-ic5146

This is a very low surface brightness nebula that is not only difficult to see but difficult to photograph with CCD. This image was a single grayscale image colored in PhotoShop.

37.18 kb St7 mounted on a C14 at f4

Theaetetus, Aristillus and Autolycus-Click to open

Moon-Craters in the Mare Imbrium

43.07 kb Meade 416

Crater2-Vallis Alpes, and Montes Alpes, Cassini-Click to open

Moon-Edge of Mare Imbrium

48.99 kb Meade 416

Tycho, Pictet, Saussure and Street

Moon-South of Mare Nubium

33.08 kb Meade 416

Theophilus, Maddler and Cyrillus-Click to open

In the Sinus Asperitatis-Mare Nectaris Area

27.20 kb Meade 416

Fernelius, Maurolycus, Stofler and Barocius-Click to open

Moon-Below Mare Nubium

56.28 kb Meade 416

Comet Halebopp

This is a very interesting image showing Halebopp spinning. It was taken in a dawn sky. Unfortunatly the chip had some frost on it but the image is till quite revealing.

10.34 kb Meade 416-Optec flipmirror at f10


Eyepiece projection was used for this single exposure with an 18mm wide angle eyepiece

15.30 kb Meade 416 through a C14 at f11

0.00 kb

M100 in Coma Berenices

Very large, very dim two branched spiral galaxy with knots

21.99 kb ST7-RGB-200R, 210G and 400B-camera running at -15

M13-Globular Cluster

Single exposure processed in Maxim DL and colorized in Photoshop

54.51 kb ST7

M16 The Eagle Nebula-Click to open.

M16-this image is my favorite of many images of M16

85.87 kb ST7

M27 The Dumbell Nebula-Click to open.

M27-The intense blue surprised me. Again this is the result of the Optec Filter system.

87.32 kb ST7

The Ring Nebula in Lyra-Click to open.

M57-I had a number of images that varied greatly. The intensity of light in this object gives surprising results.

28.72 kb ST7

0.00 kb


This image was taken in the month of May 1999

6.62 kb Meade 416 with an Optec Flipmirror

Nebula NGC 7662

120 second image. This nebula has a most interesting central portion. This is a single image colored in Photoshop.

8.10 kb Meade 416

0.16 kb


Single grayscale image colored in PhotoShop

9.09 kb Meade 416-Optec Flip Mirror-red filter-40 milasecond exposure-triple barlow


This image was taken by my 12 year old grandson using eyepiece projection with a 18mm wide angle. The image is so large it is tough to keep it on the chip.This is a single image colored in photoshop.

11.78 kb Meade 416

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